Nutritional supplements must not contain ephedrine. The substance ephedrine is a drug in Sweden and products containing ephedrine are therefore illegal to sell if they are not approved by the Swedish Medicines Agency as a drug. Ephedrine is regarded as doping by the International Olympic Committee and the Riksidrotts för bundet.

Many countries have a ban on ephedrine in food supplements, because it may be harmful to health. Synefrin is a substance that is very similar to ephedrine, and some manufacturers of dietary supplements have recently replaced ephedrine in their products. But there is also a ban on sight-seeing in several countries because sight-seeing as well as ephedrine can be dangerous to health.

Where are ephedrine and eyesight?
Ephedrine is naturally found in plants within the genus Ephedra, the substance can be extracted from plants or synthesized. Although ephedrine is illegal in health food products in Sweden, the substance can be found in health products and sports products sold over the internet.

Ephedrine is also available in pharmaceuticals. For these, dosage and treatment time are adapted to the symptoms of the disease to be treated.

Synefrin is naturally found in some citrus fruits, for example, contains musts of immature fruits of the pomerans relatively much sighted and pomerans have been used to extract the substance from the synefrin. Synthesis can also be synthesized. Synthesis occurs in sports and dietary supplements.

Synefrin may also occur in medicines, but there are currently no medicines containing syntax approved in Sweden (Oct 2016).

Is it dangerous for ephedrine and vision?
Both ephedrine and syphrine can in large amounts cause serious effects on the heart and blood vessel. Use of these substances may increase blood pressure and affect the heart rate. The risk of such unwanted effects increases in repeated use or if products containing ephedrine or syncope are taken in combination with caffeine. Ephedrine may be addictive.

What products are ephedrine and synephrine?
Ephedrine can be obtained from us via dietary supplements purchased via the internet, the product categories it is mainly sports and diet products. Ephedrine is also available in some prescription drugs.

We can get a breakthrough in nutritional supplements, especially sports and diet products.

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